Promoting communities
dedicated to diversity

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board was established in order to benefit from the expertise and knowledge of experienced partners across Europe, either working for or with CSBs. It is an inclusive platform of representatives from different networks and parts of Europe and beyond. It aims not only to bring valuable ideas and counsel to the project realization process, but also to provide a social networking platform for people working on the subject.

Advisory Board members*, who support the project with their valuable opinions are:

Guntra Aistara, Central European University, Hungary • Joanna Bojczewska, Nyeleni Poland-Movement for Food Sovereignty, Poland • María Carrascosa, Red de Semillas, Spain • Judit Feher, Maghàz, Hungary • Catrina Fenton, Garden Organic, UK •Wayne Frankham, Irish Seed Savers, Ireland • Duygu Kayadelen, Bugday Association, Turkey • Vasso Kanellopoulou, Peliti, Greece • Kostas Koutis, Aegilops,   Greece • Matthias Lorimer, European Coordination Let's Liberate Diversity • Mieke Lateir,Biosano/ Bingenheimer Saatgut, Belgium • Sofia Matzi, Cyprus Seed Savers, Cyprus • Adina Moise, Casa Semintelor, Romania • Marlene Moreau, Network Rhin-Rhone-Meuse, Belgium • Joanna Newton, Irish Seed Savers, Ireland • Sendy Osmicevic, ZMAG-Zelena Mreza Aktivistickih Grupa, Croatia • Gert Poulsen, Frøsamlerne, Denmark • Maria Scholten, GAIA Foundation, UK Frederica Teixeira, Circulos de Sementes, Portugal • Ronnie Vernooy, Bioversity International

* The names are in alphabetical order.